In 2002, Binda group started a collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana and the first collection of jewelry under the name of Breil Stones was released. In January 2008 Binda Group decided to exhibit its jewelry collection for the first time at the fair Vicenza Oro. 

The project of an exhibition space was commissioned to the studio Bandello 6 in December 2007.  The design and the realization of the stand had to be done in less than a month.

Similar to the design of a scenography, each element had to be light and the whole construction had to be easily assembled. The materials were wood, carpet and fabric and the colors chosen were the same characterizing the brand Breil Milano: gold, purple, brown. 

The strongest element in the project is a golden tunnel on the lower level which hosts the exhibition. Twelve wood and glass cylinders were designed to exhibit the jewels. The upper level with a bar, 2 living rooms, and the sale space is for business and social events. Five big purple lamps characterize each space.